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Mokai Vasti, Bavdhan, pune
MAHARERA : P52100009220
Carpet Area
73.4 LACS*
*Price is inclusive of all tax
Last updated on: Jul 4, 2019
About Ihita
Ihita @Bavdhan, Kothrud Annexed is all about cherishing every moment of life to its fullest spirit. Here, you live in a company of your own with unbinding rules and disturbances. Ihita offers 2 BHK lifestyle apartments with class-apart specifications. Every nook and corner is designed to give you maximum space and comforts. Ihita has all the elements of class and perfection to match the connoisseurs taste. But, above all Ihita is created to give you peace of mind and happiness.
Live connected
Living in Bavdhan lets you enjoy best of both the worlds. Here, you live in a less populated area and yet within the convenient distance of the happening world of Chandani Chowk, Kothrud, Deccan and Hinjawadi. The best part is, as homes in Bavdhan are comparatively lesser in price, you also save your hard earned money. Hence, choosing home at Ihita puts you in a win win situation. Also, Ihita adds to the convenience and stress-free commutation from home to office and just any part of the city.
Live undisturbed
At Ihita you live in an ambiance that lets you be your own self. Here, you enjoy complete privacy and peace of mind. Crafted with all the human comforts, Ihita is all about living in a different world.
Live happiness
The boundaries of minds are the biggest barriers between us and the sky. Often we think of spreading our wings and taking a flight of fancy. But, our minds nurtured within the set mould forbid us from doing things that we are born to do. We are born to live free, think freely and choose freely. Which is why, we created Ihita for you to live your own life just the way you want to live. Welcome to the unbound world of ihita where life has no boundaries.
Live rejuvenated
Your home at Ihita is created with luxurious amenities to pamper your mind, body and soul. Ihita is thoughtfully planned which offers refreshing experience and recharge you for the next move.
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Children's Play Park with modern equipments
Rain water harvesting
Sit out
24/7 Security
Earthquake Resistant RCC Framed Structure
About Konda Construction
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Konda Construction are a prominent name in the Real Estate and Property Development domain of India. This group has the vision to develop India's infrastructure industry. The plans of the architects and engineers of this group show that they have a futuristic view which will allow them to design homes which will be commonly found in future. The professionals of Konda Construction are committed to their work and have proper work ethics. They are an expert in the field and are skilled, competent and determined to reinvent Indian infrastructure. The praise of the customers and clients is the best reward for the hard work put in by this group.
About Bavdhan
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Bavdhan is suburb of Pune, India. It is located off the Mumbai-Bangalore national highway, by-passing Pune city. Bavdhan road serves as the main approach road for Mumbai-Pune expressway and near Chandani Chowk. Bavdhan is bordered by Pashan in north, Sus village on west, NDA reserved forest area in south and Kothrud in east. Bavdhan is mostly a residential suburb of Pune and is very fast-growing in the last one decade. The suburb is nestled amidst three hills on its south, east and west and the scenic Pashan Lake in the north. Springs flowing down from the hills create a small river - Ramnadi - which flows from south to north and empties its water into Pashan Lake. Ramnadi divides Bavdhan into 2 sub-areas - Khurd and Budruk, Khurd being on the eastern side of the river and Budruk being on the western side.
Dwello Consultant
Rahul Silawat
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